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HR Consulting and Transitions Coaching
People, Purpose, Passion and Potential
About Us
Waveform Consulting was established in 2012. We trust that our logo and symbol will inspire you to: Ride the wave of life, create balance, seek wisdom within, seize each beautiful day and to further seek the lessons of nature on our beautiful earth.

More about our Logo:

Nature teaches us the best lessons in life. The symbol for Waveform Consulting was inspired by the simplicity and perfection of nature. It represents a pearl and a wave.

Pearls are the only gem produced by a living creature and aid in physical healing and creativity. An oyster responds to an irritant by coating it with nacre and produces a pearl. A pearl represents beauty, longevity, love, happiness, purity, prosperity, adventure. Particularly a pearl represents the wisdom within each of us. This is a wonderful analogy for life and human growth and transformation. Pearls mostly come from the ocean and the other aspect of our symbol is a wave.

The wave in the symbol represents the energy and movement of the ocean and the ebb and flow of life, life’s ups and downs and the journey of life. If you resist a wave, you usually get knocked down but when you dive through, despite a bit of turbulence, you almost always come out the other side or get beyond the waves. Or hop on a board and ride the wave of life. This of course requires good balance, wellbeing and inner wisdom.