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We offer a range of programs and can tailor programs to suit your needs. We cover topics such as Confidence, Healthy Thinking, Self-care, Transition Programs (e.g. career changes, seeking work, returning to work), Recovery and Healing (from health scares, after life changing events, before, during or after rehabilitation), Emotional Resilience and general Health and Wellbeing. Programs are run as seminars or webinars either privately or within a workplace.

We have developed a Transformational program to assist those who feel that they have become stuck in moving through their grief or loss. Not designed for the intense grieving process but at a future time when you feel that you have not fully moved through your grief and you want to make some changes. This program has been developed with my dear friend and colleague, Leonie Lomax. We currently use it with 1:1 clients, will be running a webinar for the ABNLP in March 2014 and will post our public webinars for 2014 shortly.

Call Tracy on 0438 335 202 or e-mail tracy@waveformconsulting.com if you would like more information about this program.