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HR Consulting and Transitions Coaching
People, Purpose, Passion and Potential

When I began my coaching journey with Tracy, I was in a very confused place. I was processing many life situations- a relationship ending, a break down, fear surrounding being unwell and deciding whether to go back to my old job, fear of moving forward, feeling stuck, emotional traumas and also grappling with recovering and starting afresh in many new ways.

Tracy was a very grounded and compassionate coach. Her sessions held me deeply and gave me hope! There was many a tear and many realizations and Tracy always kept me accountable for my results, intentions and actions. When I was uncertain, she provided a steady and calm process for me to explore the things that were unravelling for me. She gave me insights that provided me with fodder to think about and actions to take. I am deeply grateful to Tracy for her time, follow up and deep support as we worked together.

I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone thinking of undertaking the coaching journey. Her attention to detail and extraordinary support will assist you to move through any problematic situation and she will also assist you to reach the goals that you set for yourself. She is an exemplary coach, who helped me to realise that in the end, I am the one who needs to take the steps, but the steps can be supported by a caring and compassionate coach.


SHAMANA, Heartscape