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HR Consulting and Transitions Coaching
People, Purpose, Passion and Potential

I contacted Tracy about 2 months ago after I found out my role had been made redundant while I was on maternity leave. I was in a state of shock and disappointment as I was really excited about getting back to work. I suddenly had lost my sense of direction. Tracy offered to coach me through this transition to help me identify my career and personal goals and helped me work through various job options that arose during this time. 


Tracy helped me get my career 'mojo' back - I am starting my dream job tomorrow, I have weekly scheduled 'me' time and I feel in control with my family and work commitments. Tracy has also provided me with various tools to use if I do encounter any issues. I would highly recommend Tracy and Waveform consulting to help you through any transitions you face in your life.


Sally Pickett, Organisational Development Consultant